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Soft4Boost Update Checker 8.2

Scan and find updates for software applications in your computer
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Soft4Boost Update Checker is a very simple application that lists the installed programs on your computer for which newer versions have been released. It lets you easily and quickly detect the outdated applications on your system. Furthermore, it offers access to their official pages from where you can download and then install the latest versions. Keeping your installed apps up-to-date is always a good idea, as the latest patches often include security fixes and other noticeable improvements.

Soft4Boost Update Checker is very easy to use. Its minimalist interface also shows the name of the outdated programs, their installed version, the latest available version, and the official web pages of the programs. The only available additional setting is to add any of the listed programs to a list of ignored ones. Besides, you can only choose a different skin for the interface. There are no other additional features or functions. Also, the fact that the program only opens the official web pages of the outdated programs, using your default browser and letting you locate their download buttons and perform the rest of the installation, is a bit disappointing. It would've been nicer if Soft4Boost Update Checker offered a direct method of updating the listed apps, right from its interface.

Anyway, Soft4Boost Update Checker is lightweight, simple, and free, so it still looks like a decent solution to help you keep your install apps up-to-date.

Margie Smeer
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  • Detects apps that need update
  • Free, lightweight and neat
  • Skin-nable interface
  • Includes an "ignore list"


  • Doesn't offer a direct method of updating the apps
  • A small number of additional options and features
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